The easiest way to type in Polish (and other languages*) on your Windows PC

* Danish, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, IPA for English, IPA for all languages, Italian, Math/Science, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish


Run TypeIt


Choose your keyboard – for example, Polish

Click the TypeIt icon in your taskbar to choose a language. TypeIt will remember your last setting the next time you run it.

Why you’ll love TypeIt:

  • Obvious keyboard shortcuts. Just press Alt + the key that’s most similar to the character you want to type. For example, to type ą, press Alt + A.

    Alternatively, you can type a letter like a, and then tap Ctrl to turn it into ą.

    I made TypeIt because I was tired of solutions where each foreign character has its own arbitrary shortcut. I could never remember which key typed which character (“How do I type é? Was it  [ ,  ;  or maybe Shift + ;?”). I don’t want to have to pause and think “how do I type that character?” – I want it to be obvious.

  • You can keep your existing keyboard layout. TypeIt gives you the foreign characters you need, but doesn’t force a whole new layout on you*. It doesn’t change the way you type numbers and punctuation, so you won’t have to get used to new ways of typing characters like ", ? or /.

    Some solutions for typing foreign characters “take over” punctuation keys. As a result, you can no longer type characters like the apostrophe or quote by simply pressing ' or " because these keys are instead used to type foreign characters. Of course, these solutions provide a way to type an apostrophe or quote, but why should you struggle to learn a new way to type punctuation just because you want to type in Polish?

  • Fast typing. Why copy & paste characters from webpages when you can type them directly into your applications and Web pages?
  • You can use it offline. Flaky Internet access? No worries. With the TypeIt app, your foreign characters are always available.
  • Pop-up help is always a keystroke away (see example) – just press Alt + F1. You probably won’t need it, though :)
  • Includes the proper quotation marks (such as „ “ « or ») for each of the included languages. Additionally, the curly apostrophe (), English-style curly quotes (“ ”) and long dashes (– —) are always available, whatever language you happen to be typing in, so you can type them without switching keyboards.
  • Doesn’t get in the way. I like software that does the job without making a big fuss. That’s why TypeIt consumes very little memory and CPU, and generally doesn’t bother you.
*) The Russian keyboard is an exception: it replaces some punctuation keys rather than using Alt shortcuts (because Russian uses a whole different alphabet). However, you can quickly switch between the normal (Latin) alphabet and Russian alphabet by pressing Alt + Enter.

Upgrade your keyboard

TypeIt is the best foreign-language-typing experience in the known universe. You can upgrade your keyboard with TypeIt for just $17.50 (Extended Edition) or $12.50 (Standard Edition).

  • For this price, you get a lifetime license with free updates (bug fixes, minor improvements), good for up to 3 computers in your household (for example, your desktop PC, your laptop and your partner’s laptop) or one computer in an organization. There is also a volume license for organizations – see below.
  • TypeIt takes only a few clicks to install. And it contains only TypeIt. No crapware. No advertisements.
  • Risk-free purchase: If you change your mind within 30 days of your purchase, you can get a problem-free refund.
Get TypeIt Get TypeIt Extended
Includes: Danish, Esperanto, French, German, IPA for English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish
Does not include: IPA for all languages
Runs on: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32- / 64-bit)
Includes: everything that’s in the standard edition plus the “IPA for all languages” phonetic keyboard
Runs on: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32- / 64-bit)
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Instant download
Pay securely by credit card or PayPal
Instant download
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License valid for 25 computers. Get the convenience of TypeIt for your department or organization.
Try TypeIt
You can also download a trial version of the app, which includes all the keyboards (including IPA for all languages), but some characters are missing, and a trial reminder is shown every few keystrokes. Can be used for up to 14 days.
Runs on: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32- / 64-bit)
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The TypeIt App is distributed by FastSpring LLC (USA).