Version history

1.2.1 (current version)

  • added the stød symbol: ˀ (IPA Full)
  • updated the character order for clicks (IPA Full) and ɛ ɜ ɝ (IPA English)
  • added dedicated shortcuts for ɛ and ɑ (IPA English)


  • added Math/Science and Hungarian keyboards
  • useful symbols: ←→°±×·≠≈≤≥²³€ are now accessible in all keyboards
  • fixed issues with the Game Bar and notifications in Windows 10
  • improved experience for new users
  • trial version released
  • can set 3 instead of 2 quick-access shortcuts
  • added extra single-keystroke shortcuts to Danish, Finnish, French, Italian, Portuguese & Swedish for quicker typing of certain characters
  • fixed issues with Alt+<digit> shortcuts not working on AZERTY keyboards
  • changes to a few shortcuts (like ᵊ and ʳ) in both IPA keyboards
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